Donald Trump – The Perfect Candidate!

Donald Trump – The Perfect Candidate!

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Oh snap! a little slip of the finger there… that was meant to be a ‘?’; my bad.

Of course no one is the “perfect” candidate BUT what is Mr. Trump doing that has him one contest away from the presidency?

The Power Pundits, Political Experts and those in “the know” all over the country have been pounding their heads against the sidewalk trying to figure out how it is possible that a reality T.V. star, non-political creature, insultaire extraordinaire is now ‘occupying’ the presumptive post of Republican Nominee??

I think unfortunately, their political prowess, their incessant analyzing, surmising and pontificating stirs up a dust cloud of ambiguity that leaves them in a dizzying vertigo. They are helplessly flailing in the muck to understand this odd duck. They simply can’t see the proverbial forest for the trees.

The answer however is simple.

The American people see a leader. They see someone who doesn’t stick his finger in the air to gauge which way the wind is blowing and allow that to dictate what political position he should take. They see someone who doesn’t need survey’s, polls or focus groups to mold his decision making. Often he’ll go off on instinct, he’ll make the decision a field general would make in the heat of battle when faced with a critical circumstance. He’s been schooled in the art of rhetorical battle, to fight your opponent until utterly vanquished. If your opponent shall levy a blow, respond in kind, yet amplified tenfold… or more. When the battle is won, they see a gracious victor, eager and determined to rebuild shattered bridges.  The American people sense this.

The question is raised every political season, “does the candidate have the necessary skills and qualifications needed for the position he or she seeks?”. Donald Trump is regularly bashed for never having held political office, for lack of a full grasp on some issues. His presumptive Democrat opponent Hillary Clinton in contrast is praised for her extensive experience as First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, a New York Senator and US Secretary of State. The question I have is, “does being very experienced with an impressive resume at doing nothing make you a better pick for the job?”. I’m regularly amused at the many interviews I’ve seen where the interviewer will ask, “What has Hillary Clinton accomplished?” (just Youtube “What has Hillary Clinton accomplished”) and the responses are great material for a seasoned standup comedian. Nary a substantive thing. Forget about all her disasters like Whitewater, Benghazi, her emails, her war room against Bill’s women accusers et al.

For every ounce that Donald Trump lacks in political experience, he makes up for it in a pound of business acumen and executive decision making. An under-appreciated yet supremely important talent of an executive is the management of people. Donald Trump over many years has skillfully applied this talent and has placed the right people in the right places to achieve success. Yes, Donald has had failures and its fair game to examine those failures, but it would be naïve to assume anyone should have success 100% of the time. In fact, real and valuable experience is developed from one’s failures and when one learns from those experiences. A Commander in Chief should be one who has been tested in battle, whether that be the battle of war, the battle of business or other actual real world experiences. By the way, I don’t think organizing communities whatever the heck that is really counts that much. Furthermore, a Commander in Chief should not be the expert ‘know it all’ in the room who knows everything, but he or she should be the expert ‘delegator’ in the room who knows whom is the expert for that particular role. The American people sense this.

There is a collective national disgust with wimpy leaders. We’ve had enough. We don’t want our President going on apology tours around the world apologizing for our exceptionalism. We are tired of our leaders digging up what is wrong with America and parading it around the world instead of championing the nation of charity that we have always been to our own citizens and to citizens of countries around the world. We don’t want our President bowing down to other world leaders!! Have some respect man, you represent the most powerful position for good in the world! We are sick and tired of these marshmallow puff balls that denigrate our pride as Americans. Ronald Reagan stood for America’s exceptionalism, “the shining city upon a hill”, Donald Trump wants to bring back that same national pride. The American people sense this.

The American people also see sincerity. They see someone who exudes a genuineness. Donald Trump doesn’t need this. He is a very successful real estate developer who has thrown his hat into many ventures and endeavors. He has a comfortable life style and a loving and adoring family. He doesn’t need this. He has an uncanny and unique interaction with supporters at his rallies. He seems to talk to them as though they are his friends invited over for dinner and a game of Rummikub. Sometimes he’ll share a somewhat private matter with the masses that may generate a few irks from the audience but its tolerated, like a good friend that has an annoying laugh but you deal with it because hey, he’s your friend.

Of course his detractors will say he is doing all this just to build the ultimate TRUMP brand, He’s the quintessential opportunist. What better way to build the brand, in addition to exalting his name on towers, casinos, golf courses and boxes of meat, now he can stamp that great big TRUMP on the front of the White House.  Really?? To risk so much backlash for his brazen positions is to risk a politically correct bludgeoning. Cases in point, losing his clothing line with Macy’s, losing the Miss USA Pageant, losing his home décor line with Lifestyle, losing the hosting of the Open Tournament at his golf course in Scotland, etc. It doesn’t seem to be a wise business decision. Or to have to wear a bullet proof vest at all of his public appearances, not a simple inconvenience.

The American people sense this and they sense he has a higher purpose, much more magnanimous than what his detractors would give him credit for.

No, Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate, but for our time he is close enough.

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